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Useful tools

Unity - game engine

Unity is a game engine - used to create games.

Mercurial / Tortoise Hg - source control

Mercurial is source control software, used to store the game code and assets, keep track of changes, and share with other team members.

Tortoise Hg
is the Windows client we use to pull and push changes from a remote Mercurial repository.  It automatically installs Mercurial.

Bitbucket is a webpage which allows hosting of remote Mercurial repositories.  This means you can access the repository wherever you have an Internet connection.

Blender - 3D modelling

Blender is 3D modelling software.  Models made in Blender can be imported straight into Unity.

GIMP - 2D image editing

GIMP is image processing software, used to draw sprites and textures.

Chiptone - sound effect generator

Chiptone can be used to make chiptune-like sound effects.

Fraps - video recording

Fraps can record video from Unity, to keep a record of how the game looked during development.

Timelapse recording

Chronolapse can be used to record a screenshot every 30 seconds, which can then be combined into a timelapse video.

Timelapse editing

AviSynth is a scripting language that can create a video from the screenshots recorded by Chronolapse

VirtualDub can read AviSynth scripts and output normal .avi video files.