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Using source control during development

  • Open Tortoise Hg by right-clicking the Repository folder, and then clicking Hg Workbench.

Step 1 - Pull changes from the remote repository

  • After checking for changes, you need to Accept the changes into your local repository.

  • After accepting the changes into your local repository, you need to Update to the latest changeset so that your Working Directory is based on the latest changeset.

  • This step sometimes requires you to merge your changes with changes other people have made

Step 2 - Make changes to the code

  • Do whatever you need to do.

Step 3 - DO STEP 1 AGAIN just before committing your changes

Step 4 - Commit your changes

  • Make sure the files you changed are checked
  • Write a commit message
  • Press Commit

  • Make sure you Push your committed changes to the remote repository