by Jonathan Gover, Duncan Stead and Ricky Willis

August 2012

Mighty-chondria was made in 72 hours for Ludum Dare #24, an international game jam.

The theme was Evolution, so the game is based around the way bacteria absorb others' DNA and evolve through natural selection.

How did we do?

14th prize!

See our entry page on the Ludum Dare website.

There were 400 entries to the Ludum Dare #24 Game Jam.

Category Rank Score
Overall 14th 3.87
Mood 20th 3.69
22nd 3.68
Graphics 30th 4.22
Audio 37th 3.56
Fun 44th 3.47
Theme 45th 3.41
Humour 184th 1.81

How to play

Clear out the bacterial infection! Evolve and absorb the antibiotic resistances and abilities of the bacteria you destroy by splicing their DNA into your plasmid!

Use WASD to move and QE to roll, and the mouse to look around.

Click to shoot toxins.

Hold Space to scan objects.

When you have collected some plasmids from destroyed bacteria, press TAB to open the upgrade menu and splice DNA. There are three sections of the plasmid that can be upgraded, giving different abilities in each. Your current abilities are displayed in the bottom left.

Rotate the plasmid to see which DNA segments you have available - they appear as red strands of DNA in a box. You can click and drag them from the box down onto the plasmid ring, and drag DNA segments from the ring back up into the box.

If you have more than one spare section of DNA, you can click the arrows at the top of the screen to cycle between them.

The current spare DNA segment shown in the box can be destroyed and converted into health if you are running low, by clicking the button next to it.

Mighty-chondria screenshot

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